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What are you doing with our data?

When you decide to use our services, you choose to give us some personal information. We are aware of the stakes/issues and the importance that it may represents for your company, especially in terms of regulatory compliance. That is why provides you with the most complete documentation possible on the issues/stakes involved in the protection of personal data.

How to get the game?

Thanks to a service designed to meet the needs of our users, we are able to offer an intuitive and adapted experience. Organizing a forecast contest in your company has never been so easy with the solution. Simply go to our website and complete our order form in less than 30 seconds. Within one hour, you will be contacted by one of our advisors to assist you for getting the best offer. From then on, we take care of everything to put online your customizable platform in your brand's color. All you have to do is challenge your employees and take full advantage of the competition at that moment.

Should I download an application?

With our solution, no need to waste time downloading an application. Your contest is available online, accessible anywhere and at any time through your personalized link provided during your registration., what is it? is a cohesive tool enabling companies to gather their employees during major sporting events such as the football world cup or the Olympic Games. We offer an interactive forecast solution, turnkey and fully customizable to your brand's color.

Who can play?

Everyone ... whether you are an amateur or expert in a sport! Our nice looking and friendly user solution allows all participants to have the same chance to win and especially to spend a friendly moment. You can invite all of your collaborators and partners to participate at this contest.

What is a forecast?

A forecast is an analysis, based on statistical research, which aims to predict the outcome of any event. In the sports arena, we talk about the results of football matches, tennis matches, horse races, etc. The goal is to find the right winner and the right result.

Can you change your password ?

Yes, you can change your password as many times as you like. For that, nothing more simple, go in : My profile> Settings> Password

How long does it take to set up the game?

After choosing the most suitable offer for you, the team is entirely responsible for setting up and customizing your platform. This operation takes an average of a few minutes (less than an hour).

Is the game available in multiple languages?

Our solution is multilingual and all at no additional cost. Integrate your international subsidiaries into the game to gather all your employees and partners. Discover the languages available: link lien

Can we change the username ?

Yes, you can change the username at any time if it complies with our policy. It is also possible to change your profile picture and customize your entire account. To do this, go to, My profile> Settings> Information

Is it mandatory to make forecast on all the matches of the competition?

It is strongly advised to forecast each game at the risk of minimizing your chances of winning. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Indeed, your points gain may vary depending on the choice of the winner, the accuracy of the score or the goal difference between the two teams.

Can I change / delete my forecast? Can we make several predictions per match?

As long as the match has not started, you can change or delete your prognosis. In a logic of simplicity of the game, it is unfortunately not possible to accumulate several scores on the same match.

How to earn points ? How does the points system work?

To earn points you have to predict the different upcoming events, such as games. At the end of each game and according to the result of it, points will be awarded to you. Our points system is very easy to understand, a video explanation is also available to understand how it works. If you find :
Only the good winner you have 1 point.
The good winner with the exact difference of goals, you earn 2 points.
The right winner and the exact score, you earn 3 points.
Note that during the elimination phases, all points gains are doubled.
We also reward at risk predictions: if an employee bet on a low probability team, he can double his win after the match if his prognosis is good!

Who manages the game?

It is the administrator of the platform, designated during the order. He/She will be in charge of the game management via access to strategic features (ex: customization of the game, list of players, global statistics etc.) You also have the opportunity to appointing several managers.

At what time of the day can we predict?

Where you want and when you want. In addition to providing a great user experience on your desktop computer, the solution has also been specifically designed for portable devices to extend the experience outside of your premises. Whether you're on a computer, tablet or mobile, take full advantage of your company's prediction game. The most important thing is to play your games before kick-off!

Is the number of users limited?

No, there is no limit because it is you who decide the number of places available on your contest. This is also one of our advantages. Since the price system is degressive, the greater the number of users, the lower the price for each.

How to know the predictions of other users?

You can acces your colleagues's forecast once the match has started by going to the tab Predictions> In progress or Finished> See predictions

What happens after the end of the event?

At the end of the competition, the highest ranked collaborators will receive their prizes and an event can be organized to celebrate the victory with all participants

For which events can we launch prognoses?

We cover all major sports competitions worldwide. We are also able to respond to requests for more specific events (eg Golf, Football second division, etc.)

What happens if 2 participants are tied?

If several players are tied, they will be separated by the number of matches where the forecast result was correct. More the player guesses the good score, more he accumulates points quickly!

How to play ? How does the game work ?

Our solution is nice looking and user friendly, your employees will have no difficulty using it. Do not hesitate to consult our page of videos which will give you all the tips to take full advantage of the experience.

How to communicate with other users?

To increase the interaction between employees, we have set up a common live chat to all the players in your contest. It allows them to live a unique experience and to maintain communication, even at distance.

What are the stakes for my company?

Our solution will bring you several concrete benefits:

• More cohesion between your employees
• Better integration of new and more reserved person in your teams
• Take out the daily routine
• Feeling of gratification from your employees
• Increasing emotions during major sports competitions
• Better image of your company

What services do you provide in your offer ?

Our service has a multitude of features:

• Customization to your brand's color
• Custom URL
• Responsive design
• Forecast on events and matches
• Interactive quiz
• Real time ranking
• Statistics
• Live chat
• Customizable profile
• Multilingual (included)
• Newsletter system
• Poster pack & leaflets
• Video Pack (community management)
• List of prizes ideas
• Support 7D/24H

What is the price ?

To give flexibility to our customers, we make a price according to the number of players registered with a digressive system from a large number of participants. This allows all companies to organize a tailor-made event tailored to their capacity. We contact you back with our business proposal in less than an hour, you just have to fill in our quotation form with a few clicks.

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